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The "Sistema de Controle da Dívida Pública" manages loan contracts with several banks in order to finance improvement projects.
The system allows the parameterization of contracts and the monitoring of their releases and payments, as well as the creation of simulations and projections of future scenarios, helping to maintain control over public indebtedness.
There are two versions of the system: one where the calculation of charges is done using pre-defined parameters and another more flexible, where the formulas of charges are created by the user.


Tesouro Aberto

At "Tesouro Aberto" you can access all information and data made available by the State Treasury systems. You choose what information, what type of notification and what criteria you want to receive the data in your email. Just register and choose the systems and upgrade possibilities.


PRE - Sistema de Precatórios

The "PRE" sistem controls from the issuance of Precatorios based on a judicial process against the State, through the monetary restatement calculations, interest, tax discounts and lawyers' retentions, up to the generation of request for commitments to pay them.

NERP - Notas de Empenho e Pagamento

The "NERP - Notas de Empenho de Ressarcimento de Pagamento" system is where all payment requests from the largest Fiscal Council for Professional Practice in Latin America, CREA-SP, are processed. Through this system, requests for payments, approvals from managers and integrations to request commitment, retention and payment can be made completely online, from any device with internet access. This gives agility and practicality to the payments of the regional offices across the state, which often waited days until the request reached the administrative / financial department that is in the capital, in addition to speeding up the validation of the reimbursement of daily rates and transportation. The system is integrated with the accounting system for posting expenses according to the chart of accounts and cost centers used by the council.


The "PEO - Planejamento da Execução Orçamentária" system allows the control of the State's annual budget, from the elaboration of budget estimates of contractual and variable expenses, to the monitoring of the effective execution of the budget, providing information to managers for making decisions about public expenditures.

ELO – Elaboração Orçamentaria

Budgeting for a state agency located in several regional offices across the state is no easy task. "ELO - Elaboração Orçamentaria" is a system that facilitates this work, allowing each unit to make its budget individually and add its values to the areas and departments of which it is part to form a general budget. The system groups the budgets of the accounting accounts of the different cost centers so that the information arrives in summary to the accounting department for approval or necessary cuts.

The system is integrated with the accounting system, looking for values executed in the previous year to suggest the budgeted amount for the current year according to the growth and reduction parameters defined by the accounting team, in addition to sending the budget after final approval by the presidency and accounting department.

“ELO” is also integrated into the payroll system for the formulation of the personnel cost budget, segregated into their respective cost centers, including all expenses such as salaries, tax charges, health plans and other costs incurred by the company. “ELO” also manages the revenue budget, allowing the recording of the growth parameters of each accounting account of the revenue over the approved amount of the previous year, with monthly projection of receipt and calculation of net revenue considering the shareholdings of “CONFEA” and “MÚTUA”.