Numeria Informática

Specific solutions


LiteDB is an embedded NoSQL database written entirely in C#. With a powerful object mapper, it is simple and convenient to use, making it ideal for .NET applications that need local storage. LiteDB makes no use of external libraries and does not require the configuration of a database server.
LiteDB is compatible with .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Standard 2.0, so it can be used with most implementations of the .NET environment.


SIPLEN - Gestão de Plenário

SIPLEN automates the control procedures of plenary, board, specialized chambers, commissions and working groups of the counselors and inspectors members of CREA-SP (regional council of engineering and agronomy). The system also includes the control of mandates, removals and resignations, elections, renewal of the third and presentation of documents of investiture according to internal and CONFEA (federal council of engineering and agronomy) regulations. The system also manages the scheduling and control of participation in periodic events promoted by the council, automatically calculates the reimbursement values for per diems and displacement according to the addresses of each participant, location and duration of the event, and automatically generates reimbursement notes through integration with the NERP system for reimbursement of those present.