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Health and welfare


Numeria is the developer and partner of Safety4Me, a lightweight, educational app that enables the inclusion of patients within healthcare teams as a participatory member, contributing to their care while using a healthcare service.
Currently, in up to 10% of hospitalizations there is the possibility of some significant adverse event that could be avoided if the recommendations of the six patient safety goals, defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), were followed.
Even with the firm action of health teams to minimize risks, patient care is the responsibility of everyone around the patient.
To help in this task, the Safety4me app has a multidisciplinary team of characters (doctor Rafael, nurse Florence, administrator Fernando, nutritionist Antonia, physical therapist Hector, and nursing technician Ana) who help the patient during his journey in a safe institution.



The Social Security Simulator allows the State's employees to simulate the various possible scenarios for their retirement and compare them. In this way the employee can decide on possible pension schemes or even know if it would be interesting to enroll in a pension fund to increase his future income.


PGS – Contract Management and Healthcare

PGS is the management system for secondary and tertiary care contracts for the SUS (Brazilian Unified Health System). It is a production management tool of the Health Secretariat of the state of Rio Grande do Sul that controls quantitatively and qualitatively the execution of contracts and controls the transfer to hospitals. The system integrates with DataSUS to obtain information on the procedures performed by each hospital and control the quantitative execution. It is also integrated with the financial execution system to control transfers. The administrative management of the contracts is also part of the system, by controlling the expiration of the contracts and the signing of their amendments.

With the analysis of the information obtained from the PGS, the Department of Hospital and Outpatient Care of the Secretary of Health of Rio Grande do Sul is able to better regulate the hospital network through the definition of integrated public health policies, either through a systemic view of the state, regions and cities and the support to the construction and control of the production goals established in the contracts, or through a disaggregated view by hospital, which allows comparative analysis of performance among similar ones.