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Nota Fiscal Gaúcha System

The Nota Fiscal Gaúcha (Solidarity) system is responsible for the execution of the State Program of Fiscal Citizenship of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The program has two main objectives and actions: the incentive for taxpayers to make their purchases in commerce by formally registering them (invoice issuance) and the transfer of financial resources to social entities in the areas of Health, Social Assistance, Education, and Animal Protection. The participation of the entities in the Program is done by making the citizens of their community aware of their activities and projects, thus contemplating elements of citizen participation and transparency in public management.


DEFIS System

Tax reliefs are those provisions in the tax law that reduce potential tax revenue. They refer to the provisions (non-incidence, immunities, exemptions, tax base reductions, presumed credits, non-reversal of credits, and micro and small business statutes) existing in the tax legislation that replace government expenditures to achieve economic, ecological, cultural, and social objectives (food, health, and assistance).

The DEFIS system is a workflow tool to monitor the entire tax exemption process. Totally dynamic, where it is possible to "design" the entire flow to be followed. With this, generating feedbacks to measure whether the flow and or results are good.