Numeria Informática

Personnel and Human Resources Department


App Servidor RS

A tool that facilitates access to the information of the state employees and qualifies the communication of state employees and pensioners. Among the resources, the application offers information about paycheck, vacation, proof of income and also loans and deductions payroll. The "APP Server RS" can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, notebook or personal computer at the link "" and at the Google Play store.



The “IF-RHE” is an extension of the payroll management system for state employees, which assists in the execution of HR processes and interaction with the more than 150,000 employees of the state government, the Court of Justice and the Court of Accounts. With it, the state employees and their managers can interact directly to schedule their vacation requests, make the annual registration mandatory, update their registration data with the HR system at any time, execute the activities of the promotions process, inform their reports regarding the period of probationary stage, everything integrated with the data management system and payroll. The “IF-RHE” has a login integrated to the state employees portal, using the same login and password for both portals, which ensures easy access and maintenance for IT managers.


Ferramentas DGF

The “Sistema Ferramentas DGF” is a set of tools that allow the Payroll Management Division to carry out various queries and calculations on the history of paychecks of state employees, such as: Calculation of the Average for Retirement, Description of Paychecks, Calculation of Values of “Lei Britto” and State Pension Contributions, among others.

SGConsig - Gestão de Consignações

SGConsig is a system for managing consigned discounts integrated into the customer's payroll. It controls and centralizes the authorizations and discount movements that must be sent to the payroll so that the due discounts can be made. The customer is given a tool that computerizes the operations of discounts made on the payroll and allows greater control and management of these discounts by the personnel department.

SGConsig is currently used at the state level in RS by the state government, the Court of Justice, the Public Defender's Office, the Social Security Institute, DAER and the Public Ministry. Through SGConsig, millions of movements and billions of reais have already been sent to its clients' payrolls. The implementation of SGConsig within the payroll of state government employees had a return on investment in just 2 months.